Black, brown, and indigenous WOMEN

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Who We Are

We are city planners, technologists, and activists working towards equity and social justice by providing young women and non binary people of color with foundational needs such as housing, inclusive communities, quality education, and expanded access to economic opportunity.

What We Do

Boston is a city of great opportunity but also geographic and demographic inequity. This drastically impacts young women and non binary people of color – while there are many programs that benefit them during high school years, after that their options become limited. Our programming empowers these folks that are aging out of other services to explore their next steps and pursue careers as change makers in the tech industry.


Applications are open for our Fall 2024 cohort!

Intro to Web Dev

12 week virtual course

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Applications are open for our Fall Data Analytics Program!

Intro to Data Analytics

12 week virtual course

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Learn More About Our Spring 2024 Cohort Here >

alumni spotlight

Intro to Web Dev Alumni


“G{Code} is special to me because it gave me a space to explore my tech curiosities with a bunch of people who looked like me! G{Code} allows you to ask as many questions with no judgment and gives you all the resources to succeed during and after the program! From the CareerDevs, community nights, Twitter spaces, and mentorship, G{Code} sets you up for success!”

Intro to Web Dev Alumni


“G{Code} not only provided me the fundamentals of coding, but they provided me a unique family unmatched to anything I’ve ever experienced. Even after graduating the program, I’m still very close to all cohort mates (new and past) and we cheer on each others “come up”.

Intro to Web Dev Alumni


“I think it’s really rare to meet people who are just wholeheartedly willing to support you, and that’s what’s so special about this program. The admin and your fellow cohort members really want you to finish the program and do the best that you can for yourself afterward. Whether you go into tech or not, this is a good experience to have.”

Intro to Web Dev Alumni


“In Jan 2020 G{Code} gave me a chance and started me on the route to success. This team has lifted us up and held our hands through it all. Thank you so much…You all have been the best village anyone could ever ask for!”

Skills-Based Hiring: A Game Changer for Equity in Tech

As we come into the new year, I find myself reflecting on the journey we have embarked on at G{Code}. It’s been a path filled with triumphs, challenges, and most importantly, growth. I am continuously inspired by the passion and dedication I see in our team, our fellows, and our supporters.

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