Meet some of our Spring 2024 Fellows!

Shakeira Dew

Hi! I am Shakeira a current student at GSU. My passion has always been in tech ever since I was a kid. I hope to learn more about data analytics and coding. I hope to network and make some friends along the way as well!

Chika Ibekwere

Hi, I’m a first-generation American with a bachelor’s in psychology. I love all things art, film, and food.  I am joining your program intending to gain some analytical and research skills to help me understand our increasingly technological world.

Esther Johnson

Hi! My name is Esther. I’m Nigerian-American and an Arizona native. Outside of class, I enjoy spending time with friends and family. My background is in health information management, which I majored in for my bachelor’s degree. My passion lies in technology, particularly its analytical and creative sides. I’m fascinated by everything from coding and database management to data analysis and design. My goal is to hone my data analytic skills and become a skilled health data analyst in the near future.

Angel Jones

I love coding and want to learn as much as I can while creating projects and working in jobs

Taylor Pape

I am a current junior at NJIT majoring in Biology while minoring in computer science and data analytics. I hope to pursue a Master’s in Bioinformatics after I graduate. As a Biology major, I feel I am not getting enough experience in the technical side needed for my future aspirations. I am excited to join this program because it will offer me a safe place to learn and introduce me to more women in my field.

Elizabeth Seymour

Hi everyone, I’m Elizabeth, a Florida native born and raised in the sunshine state. I find myself at a crossroads, searching for the perfect blend of my healthcare background and newfound fascination with data analytics. Joining G{Code} seemed like the perfect opportunity to dive deeper into this field, gain valuable skills, and work on projects to enhance my job search journey. What attracted me was that G{Code} offers the perfect platform to explore this data analytics, all while being surrounded by a supportive community of peers, and access to helpful resources. I hope that after this program is completed I’ll have the confidence to showcase my portfolio and fully transition into a healthtech role.