Meet some of our Spring 2024 Fellows!

surabhi Iyengar

Hey, I’m Surabhi. I am here to learn coding skills with a cohort community. I have some projects in mind and need the technical skills to create them, so it feels great to be here. Inspired to code for change and create social impact with tech tools for education and mental health. It would be great to partner up with others and collaborate on projects that we can take forward and present to our circles, community, and companies. When I’m not learning to code, I enjoy coffee, carbs, chats, car-rides, and comedies.

Tashima John

I hope to rekindle my love for coding and possibly make friends through the process. I also love video games, manhwas, and ice cream so I’d love some recommendations if you have some <3

Trang Khong

My name is Trang Khong. I am from Vietnam. After I graduated with Biochemistry degree, I found a job as a laboratory technician. That job gave me an opportunity to get to know about technology field. I started to learn about coding through Google. Thank you for giving a chance to learn more about web dev with G code house. The knowledge that I will learn during the cohort will help me get farther on the technology field.

Creyona Macklin

My name is Creyona and I first developed an interest in Technology during my first full time role as an Account Manager. I simply thought that the engineers and technical consultants were so cool for being a part of the select few who were able to describe cutting edge solutions. I noticed the creativity and out of the box thinking it required which sparked my initial interest. From that moment on, I have been exposed to the many interconnected roles within the tech space and have been trying to find my niche ever since. Furthermore, the lack of representation served as motivation for me to diversify the space and inspire other young women that relate to me!

Lina Martinez

Hello! I am Lina Martinez, and I was born in Colombia. I love dancing and hiking. I have a great passion for education and the social changes that can be achieved through improved education. This passion for education inspired me to pursue a degree in Social Work. I had the opportunity to work for some non-profit organizations and volunteer with different programs that worked with children and young people. Now that I am living in the United States, I am very excited to be a part of the g{code} family as I see this as a great opportunity to further my career and, to ultimately, use technology as a solution for positive social change that can bridge gaps in education and help communities thrive. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be part of a community that supports and accompanies us to materialize our dreams.


Hello, I am Ramzee. I am from New Orleans, LA and Toledo, OH. I am an advocate, educator, and challenger of society. I love movies, music, and good food. I decided to join the G{Code} family because I wanted to learn how to code in an accepting and affirming space.

Jabria Nix

I am from Dallas, Texas, and I currently reside in Birmingham, Alabama. I am motivated to join G Code to be in a learning environment surrounded by women and trail blazers from non-traditional backgrounds. I look forward to collaborating, developing, and being inspired!

Sontee Washington

I am Sontee Washington an I’m from Itta Bena, MS. I was first exposed to coding in my senior year of high-school, and I enjoyed it so much that I chose to major in Computer Science as a last minute decision for college. I ended up changing my major to Graphic Design, but now as a stay at home mom I’ve decided to revisit my interest in coding and pursue a career in technology. What motivated me to join this program was my desire to further my knowledge and skillset in coding. I hope to achieve that, and also gain exposure to different career opportunities in the tech field.