Our Fight for Diversity Amidst Affirmative Action’s Setback

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Bridgette Wallace

Bridgette is the Executive Director of G{Code}.

As the Supreme Court strikes down affirmative action in college admissions, it becomes abundantly clear that the barriers faced by Black, Brown, and Indigenous women and non-binary people of color in the technology sector will persist. One of the most significant barriers underrepresented populations face is limited access to quality education and training. Like many before, the decision disregards the systemic inequities that exist and ignores the pressing need for affirmative action to address racial disparities.

As we navigate the impact of the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down race as a factor of affirmative action, organizations like G{Code} are stepping up to provide much-needed support to underrepresented populations in the technology field. We are a shining example of a program that understands the unique challenges faced by Black, Brown, and Indigenous women and non-binary people of color seeking to enter the technology industry. We recognize these individuals’ lack of resources and opportunities and actively work to bridge the gap. G{Code} empowers participants to navigate the tech sector successfully by offering comprehensive educational programs, mentorship, and life skills training.

While the Supreme Court’s decision is a setback for affirmative action, it should serve as a call to action for individuals, institutions, and communities to support inclusive and diverse spaces. It is our moral obligation.

Furthermore, we must support organizations like G{Code} that can fill the void left by the absence of equitable opportunities and resources for underrepresented populations. Investing in these initiatives ensures that Black and Brown women and non-binary people of color can access the resources, opportunities, and support they need to succeed. We must advocate for policies and funding prioritizing diversity and inclusion, urging both public and private entities to recognize the importance of diversity in building a more inclusive and just world. It is time to create lasting change and dismantle the barriers that hinder progress.


Bridgette Wallace
Executive Director and Founder
The G{Code} House



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